Science Wonders

Science Wonders!

Researchers had proved that Science learning in preschool, creates curiosity and stimulates the young brains.

The stimulated young brains were busy at work today, as they did their amazing Science Experiments.

The Kids had toothpaste being squeezed out of a tube… looks simple?


It’s not just any toothpaste, but  a huge toothpaste, a  gush of foamy paste, big enough to say ‘Elephant toothpaste’. The amazing elephant toothpaste experiment  was fun and exciting for the kids to see the reaction of some things when mixed together. They were curious  to figure out why toothpaste is being squeezed out of a bottle.

The bubbles are always a favorite one for the kids play with.

If they are ‘Giant bubbles’ then?… the joy has no bounds…

Kids were astonished by the giant bubbles they made all by themselves. So much fun, they  were so much involved that they wanted to do it successfully.  And… they did  it. And  their fine motor skills were put to work.

The kids had a fun penguin game. This was a great one as they had to run to bounce the ball into a hole on the penguin. They further enjoyed an indoor ball transfer game on papers. Both were  great exercises  to  promote their physical development.

Expressive arts and design today was also wonderful  to make a winter fox craft as take home souvenirs.

And Zara?!…

was enjoying the camp today, as there was no need to search for a shooting star.

And another fun day of the Frozen Fantasy Winter Camp…


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