Summer Camp:Day-12

Class name: Skittles
Date: July 17, 2017
“My Kind of Ice Cream”
Great fun and adventures never stop at White Fields Nursery. There are no dull moments for every child learners. On our Summer Camp, the excitement intensified as the little Skittles prepared their own ice cream. With only simple ingredients like milk and sugar, our children made an ice cream, placed in a freezer bag and covered with ice and salt for 30 minutes. Children were amazed with this science activity.
Learn problem solving, estimation, measurement, longanimity and successful execution are few importance skills they developed by doing this ice cream exercise!
“Build on What They Talked About”
When everyone’s ice cream is done, they were given a chance to taste their creations. Our children expressed their ideas about the changes they noticed. How do the bags feel? and how it tasted? They have shared their thoughts about what they learned from this activity and how they can add flavors to their creations. Making ice cream with preschooler teaches us about how properties of matter can change.
“Ginger Bread Man Science”
Ask any kid about Ginger Bread Man, their eyes will roll with full enthusiasm. Placing Ginger bread man in milk, oil and vinegar; discovers the changes happening. It’s what make these science activities more interesting. With their keen observations and investigations conclusion, this dissolving gingerbread science activity is great for making predictions and recording results.
“Shake it, Shake it” (Brain Breaks)
In between their activities, little Skittles did some dance movements. Shaking and wiggling their hands and body to increase their brain function. It’s as simple as that. Using physical activities during breaks in the classroom helps children get ready to learn and remember information better. Physical movement increases blood flow, bringing more oxygen to the brain and leads to improve their concentration.
Summer fun-tastic little Skittles!

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