Summer Camp:Day-13

Class name: Polly
Date: July 18, 2017
Skittles Rainbow
Little Polly’s love to start the day with fun activities like singing and dancing where they can express their energy and innate talents. School for them is all about having fun where they can socialize and be more imaginative. Today, they enjoyed the Skittle experiment where they watch with full amazement as the color spread like a rainbow. The little ones made a circle with different skittles on the round plate. The teacher assists them by pouring some water in the center of the circle. They watch as the color spread and for them it’s just like a magic. This activity helps develop the cognitive skills of the young minds. They asked questions, make observation and explore the things around them.
Building Lego’s
Playing Lego is one of the most exciting and favorite activity of the little Polly’s. They are fully occupied with building their own imaginations. This activity promotes the fine motor skills of the children because LEGO bricks come in a vast range of shapes and sizes, which smaller hands need to learn how to assemble and take apart. These small twists and turns of their hands, fingers, and arms promote coordination and dexterity which children needs for handwriting, crafts, and independent dressing. It also develops creativity where they can build anything that ignite their imaginations. Children learn so much more through LEGO play because there is no fear of failure, LEGO creations falls down when you stack them too high, not all our creations quite work out as we planned, but they can always start again.
The possibilities for learning with LEGO are endless!

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