Summer Camp:Day-14


Swimming and Splashing into the Water
Pop! Pop! Pop! Little Polly’s!
This fun game is full of big, bright balloons for each child to “pop” while sitting on it. Kids always loved balloons and balloon games. Today little Polly’s enjoy popping balloons outside while preparing to splash into the water.
After the balloon games, they hurriedly jump and splashed into the water. Childhood is the best time to prepare children for a life of safe aquatic participation. These experiences enable each child to increase their own confidence and further develop cognitively, socially and physically. They were all very happy today to spend all the energy on water games and in the things that they like the most.
“Come Play with Me”
Swimming will not be complete without warm up activities. Preparing the children for their water activity, prior to that they did some dance and singing. They also played “Balloon Race” game, a balloon was put in between their legs and run to win the game. Playing this game involve them to take turns, wait for their turn, patience, and learn how to be a good sport. Children gained more experience with both winning and losing.
“Find the Animals” game was another fun activity added on top of their existing excitement. The animals were hidden under an edible play dough for our children to search them, they were so happy to find them. This exciting activity offered them so many learning skills.
“Soak Up the Sun”
It’s another spectacular day at White Fields Nursery. The little Skittles along with the other children considered it as one of their favorite day of this week. It’s swimming time for everyone, a perfect moment for them to loosen up after their busiest week . Swimming has never ending benefits to children. Though it might look like your child is just splashing around, water play can help improve their balance and strength. It helps develop their motor skills and coordination which are very important in learning. This is also a confidence booster for our kids! Because swimming typically occurs in a limited space, children to practice sharing with each other and working together while engaging in play.
The amazing effect of swimming reflected on every child’s face, they were deliriously happy and contented.
It was indeed another fruitful week.
More fun coming their ways on Summer Camp adventures!


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