Summer Camp:Day-15


Group Name: Skittles.


Watch! Cloud Gazing!

In a world of sensory overload and school, kids need meditation as much as adults. It helps kids develop focus, regulate their own emotions and learn how to attentive. Little Skittles paid attention to inhale and exhale. As their thoughts or feelings came up, they watched the clouds come and go just like they always watch the clouds in the sky move and shift in their shapes. The awareness that things are always changing and things do pass is important to share and practice observing with kids.

I Love My Fish!

Creating an edible fish out of fruits and vegetables was fun. This was an exercise which helps in creativity; exploration of lessons about fish and where they live. They were delighted and happy with their creation.

Foil Fish Craft!

The imaginative nature of every child was expressed .They began by drawing and cutting a fish shape, wrapped it in a folded and scrunched foil. Then using markers, crayons or paint along with their imagination, they created their own designs.


Group Name: Pollys.

They started their day with music and dancing to their favorite song “move and freeze”. This was such an amazing way to improve their physical, social and emotional skills.

Polly’s learned a very important aspect of life, which was all about rain.

They also made a cloud craft which was aimed at expressing their creativity and improving their fine motor skills. This hands-on activity was ideal for their little hands as they enjoyed more when they play with water.

Rain in the bottle!

This science experiment was aimed at introducing kids the magic of rain. They really enjoyed the magical experiment and that was great to have a peep into the magic of nature.


Group Name: Seattles

Exploring my world with science!

The sand volcano explosion was a great science activity that gave an opportunity for social, emotional and language development. While playing with the sand and the ingredients, the kids used communication skills as they talk about what they are doing and how to do it. They shared equipment and learned to get on with each other.

Have u been to the sea before?

What about the animals under the sea, do you know them?

Kids learned about the shark by crossing some obstacles to feed the very hungry shark.  All of which help children develop fine and gross motor skills.

Kids ended their day with a beautiful pasta fish craft. This fish was cut out and they used some glue to stick the fish on the papers. They were so much involved in order to finish as fast as they could. What a sense of accomplishment they get while doing this as well as boosting their self-esteem.

Hurray for a great start of the week!

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