Active Learning

Dear Parents,

The overview of the day’s learning  and other activities in the classroom are given groupwise  for the parents to understand. Kindly check it.

Group Name: Skittles     Age: 3.6 – 4 years     

Teacher: Ms Allenah Lubega

Can you climb a beanstalk ?

We climbed…

Hands on activities make kids excited and learn at a quick pace. Kids enjoyed acting like Jack, who tried climbing the bean stalk to a reach a castle during which they  acted like leaves with letters. The teacher called out their letters and they went on the stalk .

Kids enjoyed hopping on numbers today. This activity was to enhance  their physical development as well as cognitive development ,by recognizing the number and to jump into when called out by the teacher.

Music… enjoyed by everyone.

Enjoyed Music to the fullest today. It was all about traditional music of France. They enjoyed playing the piano while singing for their friends with the hat.

They played,they learnt and enjoyed a lot…

Group Name: Polly           Age: 3-3.6 years        

Teacher: Ms Menita Alibabic

Do you like Robots?

We like Robots…

Kids were excited during this time as they were playing with robots.

Today they were surprised to see the robots move their hands.

Maybe next time they will speak…

Letter “c” is for cat…

Letter “c” is for car…

and for cow… We learned about letter “c” today… And also we know that crab, castle, clown starts with “c”.

And they were able to put all straws in the bottles and collect them again. A great activity to strengthen their little hands…

Tomorrow they have much more to experience…

Group Name: Seattles          Age: 2-3 Years         

Teacher: Vanesaa Anong

Have you ever been to France?

Thee kids at White Fields Nursery were on a trip around the world, during their World Wanderers class.They explored a French kitchen. They made yummy fruits and vegetables pretend dishes and of course yummy French fries. This was so good for the improvement of their language and communication skills.

Tracing phonic ‘a’ on sand was great exercise for their wrist and to develop their fine motor skills.

Learning by  playing is a great way of boosting growing brains of the little ones. Today during circle time they choose to play number games to refresh their minds on shapes and numbers. This was so good for the development of their numeracy skills.

A bit a play, a bit of cooking, a bit of pretend play… finally a complete learning experience.

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