Bubble Painting

White Fields Nursery wishes Baby. Mariam El Hassan a very happy and blessed 3rd Birthday.

Group Name: Skittles. 


Little Skittles started their day with an outdoor ‘group racing game’.

This was aimed at boosting moral for the day. They were happy to show their racing ability, which enhanced their physical, social and emotional skills.

Bubble painting activity

Kids love playing with bubbles because they are always wobbly, slimy and watery.  This eye coordination stimulating skill is very important for the little minds for they keep using their eyes to see where the bubble ends up, which in the long run boosts their concentration, cognitive skills and giving them a problem-solving ability.

Sensory waterfall.

In our little world, anything is possible. They made a sensorial water play falls, right in our compound. The kids were excited to pour water from above and it magically appeared in the containers below. A  good way to learn about the world they live in.

Expressive arts and design.

To remember the interesting and mind involving water theme kids made a souvenir of a HAPPY WATER craft to show their creativity, they used colorful blue sand, gave the water drop eyes, a nose and smiley face to keep happy and clean. They believe and they try out, that’s what defines our creativity.

Well done kids!

We surely enjoyed our week.

Group Name: Pollys.

Pollys’ classroom in the morning was very cheerful.

Little kids started their day with a ball transfer game. It was a great team building exercise that was aimed at teaching the little ones to work as a team. They tossed the ball back and front of their friends who were lined up in a queue. Here their bodies were developed physically and most importantly, they learned that sharing is caring.

Their indoor number game was also very interesting as they learned, recognized and recited numbers whilst playing with the ball. Such a great way to develop their numeracy skills.The kids had a remarkable experience learning about sinking and floating concept. Each one of them was happy to try out this concept to boost their knowledge. Amazing way of knowing more about the world that they live in.

It was an exciting day today rounding off with the water theme. The kids learned that they can find water all around. During Art and craft hour, they made some beautiful rain craft. They used straws to make nice blue rain drops.Little ones know that during the rainy weather they need to use an umbrella. It was great and a slight challenge to their cognitive thinking skills to let them know that they should take care of water on the Earth.

Group Name: Seattles

Fine motor coordination!

As children get involved in arts and crafts they learn faster and better. Crabs live in water. Kids made a crab craft today. Arts and crafts help in hand coordination, and skills like this help them to transfer them to other areas of their lives such as dressing, eating and writing.

Tea making!

Water has so many uses. Kids learned about one today, which is using water to make tea. Cooking with children helps develop their math skills and helps them to learn how to follow directions. It also allows for some great conversation! Kids learn how to explore with their senses.

Learning to play and playing to learn!

Find the marbles in water!

Kids were provided with a bowl and some water in it. As they played with it, they were told to find the marbles in water. After which they were to tell the teacher how many marbles they found.

A fantastic week in White Fields nursery…



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