Creative Learning

Stimulating the young brains in the early years is very important for their success in their future education. Learning happens through various ways…

And here is another learning day for the kids at White Fields

Pretend Play is very important for improving the Communication and Language skills.It is always amusing and interesting to the little ones as they show their expressive arts. Today the kids were so happy to pretend as flowers in White Fields little flower garden. They learned about colors and plants at the same time.

Learning by doing is the best learning experience for the kids. In Bean masters class the kids were excited to do the parts of a plant puzzle group activity. Sorting shapes and hand print craft were also great for their brains and fine motor skills.

For group 3 to 3.6 years, “Find number 6” was their game for today. During this game, kids learned independent counting and recognition of numbers.

Let’s play the guessing game!!

What is that? –

The big yellow sun is in the middle… Around we have the ball like things… Some of them are big… Some of them are small?

Planets… And I can see my planet Earth…

They learned about space during their space travelers session. They learned about the earth by putting their hand prints on the earth map.

What can we do with Lego blocks? We can build, we can play and we can also make a flower.

They were so excited to make different flowers with different shapes and colors. That was to enhance their creative skills and fine motor skills.

Kids enjoyed learning some color sorting on trees. Kids choose the color of their tree and kept it on them. It was creative and fun for their little minds.

As they are learning about plants and what the soil produces,  the kids had Lego stamping on a corn craft.

Group 2-3 years kids learned a new number today.  Number 5 and with that,  they made their handprints cut out and used to build a number flower pot.

Another day with stimulating activities and great learning…

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