Learning by Experience

Dear Parents,

Its lovely to see the kids involving in the activities and experiencing it. Please check and observe the images.

The overview of the day’s learning  and other activities in the classroom are given group wise  for the parents to understand. Kindly check it.

Group Name: Skittles    

Age: 3.6 – 4 years     

Teacher: Ms Allenah Lubega

Phonics review garden was a good way of doing a recap on the first phase of the Phonics. Kids had a chance to develop their literacy knowledge by randomly picking on the Phonics vocabulary words as instructed by the teacher.

Tracing their names on colored sand was a  good way to enhance their fine motor skills and cognitive skills. Kids were surprised to learn that their names are spelled with the phonics, that they always study about in the class.

Where is the rabbit?

It’ s hiding in the hole, jump and find it.

Jump higher with the help of a friend.

Their outdoor game was so much fun as they jumped over the rabbit hole.It was an apt activity to develop Physical, social and emotional skills.

Rain, rain, rain…

During their Science Surfers class they learned how to mix foam to make clouds and blue food color to make rain drops. There they were making it rain in a bottle. They enjoyed every bit of the activity.

A day of active learning…

Group Name: Polly          

Age: 3-3.6 years        

Teacher: Ms Menita Alibabic

The day started very actively…

The White Fields Family visited the  Shape family. They were happy to see daddy rectangle, mommy triangle, brother square, sister star and baby oval. An activity to learn about Shapes.

Science surfers session was awesome today… They made a lava lamp. A lot of red and green bubbles appeared and disappeared. It was a real magic! The Science experiment was a magic one and helped them to learn about the colorful bubbles and how to create them.

Also, their tiny hands were busy with painting. They put spots on the phonic “c”… One spot, two spots, three spots, four spots, five spots, six spots…..

The activity is to make them understand how to shape ‘c’ and also to count.An activity that helped to develop numeracy and literacy skills.

Learning is fun for us…

Will come back tomorrow…

Age: 2-3 Years         

Teacher: Vaneesa Anong

‘I am a tree’. ‘I am a bush’.‘I am a flower’.

‘I can run faster than you’.

It was fun racing today with kids. It was an exciting race for them.

Children love for racing was turned into a plant organized race, which was done indoors. The activity was great for them to know about the world and learn about the Plantlife.

A great Science activity was done today by the kids.

How does the water move?

This activity was all about colored tissue. The kids were surprised as the colored  water moved into tissue and changed the color of that tissue. They observed keenly and were amazed at the reactions.

Kids love painting. They painted a very beautiful flower and is to enhance their fine motor skills. Nature became so beautiful when the kids painted it.

‘I can count my teeth’.

Kids ended up with a review of letter ‘t’ for teeth math.The exercise helped the children to learn to count and to learn Letter ‘t’ as a Phonics exercise.

A great learning experience today…

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