‘Magic’ of ‘The Magic Words’…

Group Name: Skittles. 

Good manners are the key to a bright future for our little ones while knowing the world.

Little Skittles today, were counting the keys of good manners during their Bean Masters class which included patience, kindness, politeness, helpfulness and many others. It’s very crucial for the little ones to grow up knowing the major aspects of life and those are good manners for wherever they go they need them to excel.

Expressive arts and design.

The kids made a neat Bee craft to represent the good manners and all of them opted to take the bees home to show to their mom and dad. This activity was for enhancing their fine motor skills.

Balls balancing game

The kids enjoyed their indoor game of balancing and tossing balls while playing with friends. This physical activity was a good way for the little ones to stay focused on hitting the balls promptly. This was good for developing their physical, social and emotional skills.

Group Name: Pollys.

What an interesting way to start the week!

Learning about the good manners seemed very interesting today.

However, the little ones were surprised during circle time when the teacher displayed numerous flash cards with polite words such as please and thank you.

Little ones know that every time when they want something they should say PLEASE and also when they get it they should say THANK YOU.

Kids always love anything to do with toys. It’s not only super fun to play with but it provides all kinds of learning opportunities. The Magic word ‘PLEASE’, provided them a lot of toys today and they appreciated it with another magic word ‘THANK YOU’! They were amused to learn about the world in this perceptive and to boost their communication and language skills.

Nothing seems complete without a game for little Pollys.

They went ahead and had an indoor racing, a game with colorful animals.And that was great to enhance their physical development.

Numeracy class was about tracing the number ten in a group. Kids were happy to take turns tracing on a big chart paper. Everyone was ready to learn how to practice writing  ‘number ten’. With more practice, they will eventually be perfect in writing skills.

At White fields nursery, the Little Pollys showed their architectural skills by building those cute little building with colorful Lego shapes. They were so attractive to look at. What great inventors we are nurturing! Such a great way to know more about the world around them…

Group Name: Seattles

Good Manners!

“Say thank you,” “Sit up straight,” “Shake Hands,” “Say please” kids learn good manners just the way it is done.

Raise your hand!

Kids learned about taking turns, raising their hands before answering a question is a good classroom manner. During their circle time, they sat in a circular form. Familiar questions were asked for kids to respond accordingly. Before answering, you have to raise up your hand. As they practice this, they learn to respect oneself and also develop the respect for others.

Sharing is Caring

Kids learned to share with their friends. When you receive say “thank you”. This was done during their science class. They had some colors being mixed and each had his own peculiar color. Kids were led to share their colors with other kids.

Kids ended up revising number 9 by decorating it with several color construction papers. They build up their fine motor skills while doing this.


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