Project ‘Krshi’-Send few Seeds… Let them ‘Grow’…- ‘launch’ Video

Have you heard about ‘Makar Sankranti’ & ‘Thai Pongal?’…

– a 1000 years old Harvest Festival.

‘Seeds today’… ‘Trees tomorrow’…

Its amazing to realize that the tall and the big trees are from the tiny seeds!

Its wonderful to know that Where the ‘life of a tree’ is ‘hiding in a seed?’

The Seasons and the Five elements

How they all help a seed to grow as a tree?…

Can our ‘Grown-up’(!) Preschoolers understand this ‘Big Science?’…


This Kids Project ‘Krshi’ will be the combination of STEM learning & Theatre Arts

They are going to

create the farm, 

sow the seeds, 

grow the plants &


the real organic vegetables…


the Kids are going to celebrate the

Harvest Festival known as

Makar Sankranti & Pongal

– more than 1000 years old Festival

in a traditional way on

14th & 15th of Jan 2017.

Join with us in Project ‘Krshi’…

“Send few Seeds”… “Let them ‘Grow’”

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