Rainy Day Math

Group Name: Skittles. 

Run Run Run!

Cross the obstacle, you can do it.  Hurray!

Skittles had a physical fitness, clean water race today. They were wearing smiley water around their necks. This was not an ordinary race because they were running to remind themselves to always keep the water clean and healthy for our bodies to grow strong and for the people around us. Amazing knowing the world theme and they are enjoying it.

Science surfers.

Today Science inventors made it rain in a bottle in the middle of the May summer heat. They used shaving cream and blue food color, using their creative minds, they amazingly made it rain. Well done little skittles.

White fields- A land of make believe.


Phonic /k / craft, kids gladly colored inside a phonic /k/ template. They did it neatly showing their expressive arts and design skills and there after they attached keys.That was a wonderful activity to remember phonic /k/ for keys.Creativity at its best.

Group Name: Pollys.

Little Polly started their day with an amazing indoor bowling game.

This was the water drops bowling and kids were able to knock down all of them. This activity required kids to leap over obstacles.It was a great way to exercise their bodies as they all know that regular exercises are very good for developing their muscles.

Rainy day craft!

It was fun making a rainy day in our classroom today. Kids were provided with black Mr. Cloud, cotton balls and some colored raindrops in order to make a perfect rainy day craft.This activity required a lot of concentration and it was perfect for honing fine motor skills and boosting hand-eye coordination.

Who can swim?

The Little ones enjoyed an outdoor water sensory play about animals that are living in the water. A big bowl with water and animals was presented to them in order to choose which animal can swim. This activity enabled the kids to play with water and practice their communication skills.Also, it was a great way to encourage kids to express their thoughts and develop their language skills.

Group Name: Seattles

Simple Science Play!

Water Absorption!

Kids had fun today experimenting with water and blue food coloring. Water droplets were made of white plastic for kids to use cotton to absorb the water. Kids observed what happened to the water and also the dry cotton they were holding. It was fun and educative for them to learn that cotton could be used in cleaning up water!

Fill the bottle as fast as you can!

Kids enjoyed a water racing game today by filling up empty bottles with water. They raced with cups. They got water from a big plastic box, rushed back to the bottle to have it filled up. They all were so focused to achieve the goal. This increases their self-esteem as they achieve success.

Rainy day Math!

Kids revised number /7, 8, 9, / using rain drops. Numbers were placed on the board in a cloud form. The kids were to recognize the number and put the droplets according to the number. This was in order to improve on their numeral skills.

A good learning experience today…

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