Day 44 in WFN:)-polly

Little Pollyies started the day by having a friendly circle time. They had an awesome time learning about the numbers.


The kids today experimented with the sense of taste. They were surprised to learn that all around the blue globe they can find very tasty food. Learning about this sense was such a great way to boost their communication and language skills.


Meet our friend Lego robot! He also has all five senses! This activity stimulated the major areas of learning necessary for child development


Little ones also played an outdoor racing game.


This activity was aimed at boosting moral for the day. They were happy to show their racing ability, which enhanced their physical, social and emotional skills.


It’s swimming time!! Kids enjoy all water activities and swimming was a great idea to finish the week.


A bit of play, a bit of dance, a bit of pretend play… It was a complete and fun-filled week.


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