Day 42 in WFN :) – Skittles

Math and number awareness! Early exposure to math and number activities promotes kids comfort with these skills, also additional opportunities to practice these skills will increase their confidence when working with math and number concepts. This was demonstrated today as kids used shaving foam to trace number one.

Yoga Time!

Exercises help them grow and be physically fit for all activities. Kids enjoyed yoga today with hula-hoops. They shared hula-hoops with their friends. They demonstrated how much they could pull from each other. Kids had lots of fun pulling and sharing. Moving colors! Children need to have direct experience with the world in order to make sense of and learn about it. Hands-on experience provides the best opportunity for them. It was an outstanding science project as kids had colors sorted out. They placed tissues into the colors and were amazed at how colors moved from tissue paper to the other.


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