Day 45 in WFN:)-POLLY

As usual always full of curiosity and eager to explore the world around them, little Pollies started their week.

During our circle time, our little explorers learned about senses.

Learning about it had never been any funnier to study about than it was today.

“i” for ice cream!!

Kids were given the opportunity to show us their Art and craft skills.

Little ones were led to make an amazing ice cream craft.

They were so excited to decorate it perfectly with their little hands and they were so much involved to have a beautiful outcome.

Good fine motor skill development activity.

GYM day!

Children day is not complete without a body movement activity.

Little ones can benefit from varied movement activities which may involve bending, stretching, twisting as well as dancing and playing.

Memory and movement are linked and the body is the tool of learning.

Such a great activity to interact with each other and a good opportunity for little ones to express their thoughts.

They always look forward to enjoying every single day.


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