Good morning lovely kids!

During their circle time, kids had a chance to dance, jump and wiggle.

This was an awesome way to kick off the day with a smile.


Little Pollies learned about the sense of touch today.

A lot of toys were presented to the kids in order to sort them.

Some of them were soft and some of them were hard and they used their sense of touch to discover it.

This was good for their fine motor skills as well as their communication and language development as they tried to explain what they found.


It`s a pink day today!

Little ones also enjoyed Pink games today. They used their little bodies to run as fast as they can as well as to paint big pink dress.

A great way to exercise their bodies and most importantly to develop physically, socially and emotionally.


It was fun for kids listening to the story narrated by the teacher.

Listening to stories is a great way to improve their language and communication skills.


Kids numeracy skills are developing every day.

Today they were led to do some tracing to enhance their fine motor skills and numeracy skills.

Providing opportunities to write during the school day makes early writing interesting.


Tomorrow holds more discoveries for them…


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