Our days in White Fields nursery always starts with a great activity!

They started their day with music and dancing to our favorite song move and freeze. Such an amazing way to improve our physical, social and emotional skills.

Little Pollies learned about numbers today.

A lot of numbers were presented to the kids in order to sort them.

This was good for their fine motor skills as well as their communication and language development as they tried to explain what they found.

Crazy designers! Rocket craft!

Kids showed their expressive skills by making a marvelous rocket. This activity was full of fun for kids and their little hands were very busy as they were so much involved to have a beautiful outcome. It was a great activity for their cognitive development. Also, their communication skills were put to work. It was great for as it kept their minds at work and a great sensory play for them. They learned how to assemble things together.

Ready, steady go!!!!

It`s time for KARATE!

Little ones enjoyed every single movement during their karate class.

A really great day today….


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