Ready for another amazing day?!
Warm up and let`s start!
Kids started the day with dance and it was a great way to exercise and allow the child`s mind to be fresh for the rest of the day.

Reading is a great way to improve their language, communication and imagination skills.Little ones had a good time today when the teacher read the story.
They had a chance to interact and express their thoughts.

Numeracy class.
Kids raced through tracing today.
Here they aimed at the proper formation of the number “4”.
Their fine motor skills were progressively developed.

Swimming and water play…

Our love for water never ends.
Splashing around in the pool is a very enjoyable activity for youngsters.
We splashed water and had a great water play today…
Spending time in the water can also be positive for children’s mental health.

It was amazingly a good week for everyone!


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