Little Pollys kicked off their day with an energetic exercise in the Gym.
Kids were happy to express their physical energy by doing their favorite exercises.
Also boosting up their Physical, Social and Emotional development was on the maximum.

Fun day with friends and Lego!
Colors are an easy way to check learning. As they learn colors, they build good learning connections in their brain. With Lego blocks today, kids were provided with different colors of construction papers in order to put the corresponding colored Lego on it. Engaging and effective learning experiences like this develop essential skills for every child.

High five for literacy!
Kids followed a particular order to make an amazing letter “n” craft.
They were excited to show their colorful outcome to their friends.
This was a great activity to help build thinking skills and to help them explore the world they live in.
Also, it was such a great way to develop their imagination skills and creativity.

In preparing for their first steps in reading as they progress in education, kids revised phonic “s”, “a”, “t”, “i”, ”p”.

It was a super playful day today…

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