Morning in Polly`s classroom started very playfully.
Little kids started their day with a ball transfer game.
It was a great team building exercise that was aimed at teaching the little ones to work as a team.
They tossed the ball back and front and to their friends lined up in a queue.
Here their bodies were developed physically and most importantly, they learned that sharing is caring.

The kids had a remarkable experience learning about our Planet – Planet Earth.
Each one of them was happy to mix blue and green color in order to get a super colorful Earth.
Amazing way of knowing more about the world that they live in.

The tracing is of much value to the growing little minds, for they practice and gain fine muscle control and strengthening eye-hand motor coordination.
Today little ones traced the number of the week – number 5.
By holding pencils they learned how to control writing skills.

What a great way to know more about the world around them and to finish this week in White fields nursery…

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