Another busy day for our little Pollys…
Let`s warm up and start our day with exercises.
The Gym hour was so good today and they had a great workout.
It was a great exercise to start their day.
This was to improve their physical development.

During their literacy class, they made a craft phonic (n) for nest craft.
When kids often do activities like this with so much concentration it helps to improve focus and lengthen their attention span.
Great way to have the kids enjoy their early years through expressive arts and design.

Our Numeracy class was awesome.
Five cups with numbers were put on the table and each one should be filled with toys.
During this activity, kids revised counting as they counted toys while filling the empty cups.
This gave an opportunity for each kid to count in front of the whole class.
Here their numeracy skills were boosted as well as being confident to speak and count before others.

Learning through playing was really very fun today!


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