It was great to learn about purple color today.
A Very exciting theme for the little ones as they performed everything with their little hands.
With the help of the teacher, the little artists made super yummy purple grape which seemed so amazing to them.

Children should be taught how to overcome and find solutions to problems.
In this light, we had a Matching shapes game today.
A lot of shapes were drawn on the paper so after the demonstration of the teacher, kids were given the opportunity to try it out.
They were very involved trying to find suitable shape which will match with the objects.
It was such a beautiful experience to watch them put in so much effort in order to have the same solutions as the teacher.

Kids numeracy skills are developing every day.
Today they were led to do some coloring.
They used their favorite color to make number “5” very colorful.
Creativity at it’s best!

Well done Pollys!!!


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