Verbal proficiency!

This was enhanced by animating the story “Ginger Bread Man”. As they listened, they learned new phrases and new words. Kids were given the opportunity to narrate what they heard. It was a great opportunity for them to improve on communication and socialization skills as they all had something to say about the story.

Phonics and sight words!

Kids had worksheets with phonics /s//a//t/i/p/n/ with words like snake, ant, and tiger. Ice-cream, popcorn, and nose placed disorderly for them to match the letters to the words. This was a great activity for improvement of literate skills.

Karate was fun today!

Kids had fun with the karate teacher as they learned new moves. They learned how to attack and how to defend. It was exciting for them moving little hands to use in defending themselves.

Kids learned about in and out as opposites.  A big square was drawn, toys were given to them to put in and out based on the instructions given at any moment in time.


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