Little Pollys kicked off their day with an energetic exercise.
Kids were happy to express their physical energy by doing their favorite exercises.
Also boosting their Physical, Social and Emotional development was on the maximum.
Cold or hot?! Safe or not safe?!
Learning about safety was very interesting today.
Children`s understanding of basic concepts is important in the early years.
They also help children become more effective communicators.
Today little ones boosted their knowledge about safety.
The sharp brains of the young kids did an amazing job by sorting hot and cold photos and trying to explain everything.
This was a great way to encourage kids to express their thoughts and develop their language skills.
In preparing for their first steps in reading as they progress in education, kids revised phonic “s”, “a”, “t”, “i”, “p”, “n”.
Little ones finished their week with a building indoor game.
This activity was aimed at boosting morale for the day. They were happy to show their abilities, which enhanced their physical, social and emotional skills.

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