“Skittles on the Go!”

“Skittles on the go!”

It was an amazing start to the day!

Little Skittles had fun in their circle time, singing and dancing sparked the energy of each child as if it is important to draw up their mind to focus on the day’s activities. What added up to this preliminary activity was the learning of numbers and colors as they sang about it.

“Black or White”

Monday is a color day at White fields Nursery. All dressed up in black and white, children had an activity relevant to the week’s theme about “opposites’’. It is one of the most important basic concepts that a growing child can learn, for them to detect and identify differences. They cheerfully participated pinning up spots and stripes to the cow and zebra patterns.

“What time is it?”

Creative little hands made their own ” clock” craft using paper plates. In this activity, tracing their names was also integrated to enhance their handwriting skills and become more familiar with their names.

Way to go, little Skittles!

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