Today our lovely Pollys started their day by reviewing phonics.

There are many ways to encourage and help kids to learn about it. Big colorful letters were presented to them in order to refresh their memories about phonics.

The little ones also had “In and out” game which helped them to solidify their knowledge about this concept.

Learning the black and white colors were fun for kids!

We learned this colors through awesome games and it certainly brightens Polly`s day.

Big black and white cow and zebra came to visit us in White fields. It was a beautiful and creative activity for the little ones.

Colorful number five!

During Numeracy hour, the kids decorated number five.  This easy sensory play activity is an awesome activity, where the little brains are cognitively put to a task using their hands, and to learn number formations while playing and most importantly developing their fine motor skills.

Our creativity has no ends!


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