A morning filled with excitement and fun is how we describe the day of little Skittles.It began with a short review of what was learned in their previous lessons about numbers, shapes, and colors. This is an excellent practice, one of the important components of learning is repetition or practice which helps to strengthen the connections of the wiring in the brain. This helps in retaining information or learning.The daily review has proven to be effective in learning vocabulary as well as math concepts.This activity was introduced through songs and games.

“Do Yoga with Me”

The best way to start a happy and productive Tuesday is to involve every child in a Yoga exercise.Children deal with many distractions, overstimulation and peer pressure and Yoga exercises played a vital role to build concentration and overcome stress.Kids had lots of fun, they did yoga exercises and enjoyed every moment with their friends.

“Light or Heavy”

Teaching the concept of heavy and light was done through a science experiment “sink or float” and “push and pull”. Children are usually not capable of grasping abstract concepts, so they tend to think of big and heavy, and small and light as the same For them to understand the concrete fact that small objects can be heavy, little Skittles were physically involved with the weight of objects so that they can see the relationship between weight and size. This also taught them that the weight of an object is not always as it appears.

Tracing letter “h”

This activity about phonics enhanced their writing skills and gave them a clear understanding of letter “h”.Each child practiced their communication skills by answering questions about their names, ages and what they wanted to be when they grow up.

Keep the energy alive little Skittles!

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