our day started with Numeracy class. This hour was very interesting.

Little Pollys traced numbers one to five.

Here their little wrists were put to exercise and extra concentration was required for every child as they wanted to perfect their tracing and hence impressing their teacher, which always comes with a star rewarded.

Well done kids!

During expressive arts and design hour, kids made a cute day and night craft.

They were also put under challenge to find the difference between day and night which was aimed at enhancing their cognitive skills.

We got creative minds in the Pollys class today.

A good way to learn about the worlRacing in the garden!

This outdoor activity helped the little ones to strengthen their muscles as well as refresh their minds.

Racing and jumping were so excited as they tried to avoid all obstacles on their way.

Little ones learned that good physical skills are developing when they are more active and less fearful.

Our day ended with Karate class and it was filled with fun and enjoyment.

A very happy day today…


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