Learning and recognizing numbers can be more fun with children when you do it with games. Their circle time focused on reviews about numbers and alphabets. And little children were delighted with the play activity. Another exciting way of identifying, counting and sequencing numbers was the “Hunt for the Numbers” game. Basic math and number concepts set the foundation for learning and early exposure to math and number activities thru fun games will promote the child’s comfort and confidence with these skills. Little children have limited expressive language skills, asking children how they feel every day contributes to their self-expression development. Ultimately, emotional literacy is as foundational as learning the ABC’s. Using language to express their feelings is a laying foundation for future wellness and success. An amazing approach to learning is integrating two or more lessons in one activity. In their space travellers’ topic about stars and the galaxy, the children’s artistic nature was expressed through a craft. They enjoyed every moment of this activity.

As the week ended, the children were overjoyed with the celebration of Azoozi’s birthday party, celebrating friendship and learning.

All the best and have a great weekend little Skittles!

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