Whitefields Winter Wonderland – Day 1 

“Snow Fun”

Big schools are closed while nursery schools open their doors for big or small children to make their winter vacation productive and meaningful. That’s it! The first school term is over but the children’s crave for fun and excitement did not end. It’s winter camp, parents want to keep their children engaged and White Fields Nursery offers a lot of opportunities to help them achieve their goal. Staffs welcomed the children with warm love and care to make them feel that they are not being far away from home. The day started with warm-up exercises and dances, children savoured the nice weather and enjoyed playing in the play area.

After the sumptuous breakfast, little children had blast playing “Save the Bear ” race. Skittles, Pollys and Seattles joined hand in hand to save the bear overcoming obstacles to win the game. The highlight of the day was their trip to the winter wonderland as they were amazed at the snow in their pretend play. Dressing up snowman added up to the thrill of this activity. A play is a way children learn about themselves and the world. It might look like just child’s play, but children gained skills in different areas of learning.

“Snowflakes Craft”

As they enjoyed the snow, the children were inspired to do their snowflakes craft using cotton balls. A very special way to start a winter camp is to be happy and cheerful.

More “frosty” fun to savor little children, enjoy the winter camp!

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