Whitefields Winter Wonderland – Day 3

An amazing third day of winter camp!
Little Pollys ,Seattles and Skittles joined in full force for another meaningful activity.
It started with a free play outdoor where children explored their surroundings and feel the cold breeze.Singing of songs that children love to sing and relevant to the lessons kindled their energies and attentiveness.Tossing a ball to a big snow man kept them happy and engaged.Although it is super simple, it is jam-packed with opportunities to develop different skills and the idea of learning,singing and playing together made it more significant.
Young children are by nature jerky and restless.Giving them challenges
is an ice breaking tool to keep them focused.
They did some Lego construction which they have integrated into pretend play scenarios. Playing with LEGO provides an understanding of spatial awareness, promotes a sense of creativity, and teaches mathematical concepts of symmetry, shape and geometry.
Children learn so much more through LEGO play because there is no fear of failures.
“The more we eat together ..”
Meal time was not the usual scenario on this gloomy day.Children ate together as family and friends.The idea of eating together inspired other children who are fussy eaters.It was also the best time to promote friendship among them.

Long way to go little children!

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