Whitefields Winter Wonderland – Day 4

“Karate Kids”


A very lively day at White Fields Nursery. The energetic little children were engaged to  “Karate”. It’s not just about kicking and punching, the unlimited benefits of this martial arts movements is over whelming.. Focusing and Listening  plays a key role in the mindset of children who have limited attention spans at this stage in their life. Teaching children to focus on the task at hand while improving their listening and reaction. The children participated actively and perseveringly.


“Little Children on the Go”


The morning prior to their Karate class, was full of  learning activities.

The children had a practice review on literacy and numeracy in preparation to their new ventures to big schools. At White Fields Nursery, children are equipped with knowledge and prepared to go to the next level of their schooling.


As busy as the bees, little Polly’s , Seattle’s and Skittles

enriched their creativity building a snow hat for their craft activity.


Stay focus, happy little children!

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