Whitefields Winter Wonderland – Day 6

Today in the little Polly’s, Skittles and Seattle’s classrooms were very busy.

They moved on the rhythm of their favorite songs and it was wonderful to start the day on that way.


Creativity was it its best when the little hands of our lovely kids made an amazing Mr. Snowman.

It looked great and the children were quite proud of their artworks.

Kids are creative in their small world they live in.

This activity promoted creativity and willingness to talk about what they are doing.

This was a good way to learn how to work as a team and to acquire cooperation skills.


Polar bear craft!

So fun and easy to do.

During their Art and craft class little ones made a polar bear craft.

They had a lot of questions in their little minds…

This was a great sensory play for their little hands as well as developing their cognitive and fine motor skills.

This activity was very educative for kids and their social, communication and language skills were put on work.


Learning through playing was really very fun today!

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