Whitefields Winter Wonderland – Day 8

“Together We are Strong”

Such an  astounding approach to carry out the day’s activities. Combining the children to work, play and learn together is a small part of a bigger picture. It is called cooperative learning where toddlers joined older children to engaged in complex, interactive play together. Hanging out with older children pushes younger ones to learn more than they would be capable of learning .Toddlers who have a chance to play with slightly older kids seem to develop more complex language and types of play. And in mixed-age classes, older children have opportunities to practice leadership skills and Prosocial behaviors, like helping and sharing their own.


They were engaged in an activity of painting using ice and color paints as medium. From the eyes of every little child, happiness can be magnified. The idea of working together inspired them to be focused and active. A game of pinching number balloons was enjoyed by the kids as they also learned more about numbers and colors.

“My Cute Little Penguin”

Before the day ended, bubbling little children expressed their creativity in making a penguin craft. Everyone were excited to finish it and bring it home to show to their moms. They were so proud of their creations.


Keep shining little children!

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