Celebration with Santa Claus mask.

Today at White Fields nursery we had a big celebration.

Our day started with warm up exercise and kids really enjoyed as they danced on their favorite songs.

Day was full of games and little adventurists didn’t want it to finish.


Santa Claus Mask!

Kids showed their expressive skills by making a Santa Claus mask.

During this activity their creativity was boosted to the maximum.

Little ones were so excited to see their outcome and to put it on their faces.

It was fun and educative for kids as they develop their motor skills as well as their emotional and social skills.


Party time?! Sounds great!

Kids were amazed to see a plenty of candies and were more than ready to try to get it. We enjoyed singing, dancing and playing party games.


White Fields Nursery have been very good this winter camp and therefore we had a special visit from Santa Claus who came bearing gifts for all.  It was a wonderful surprise for us and we showed our thanks by singing him our favorite songs.

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