Whitefields Winter Wonderland – Day 9

“Let’s Have Some Fun”

The day of the jolly little children was filled with fun and amusement as they unfolded it with a circle time. The kids were joined together to give them opportunities to mingle with other children of not their age group. To break the sleepy effect of the cold winter day and to keep the children focus, they sang along with the teachers, their favorite nursery rhymes which also served as reinforcement to their lessons about numbers, colors and alphabets. They had fun and was full geared for the busy day.


“It’s Time to Kick and Punch”


The liveliness of the children has no limit. It’s Karate day once again, and the tireless children did not stop them to carry out their martial arts enthusiasm. Among the many benefits of karate is it actually help teach self-discipline and socialization skills to the small children which they can use in their schools and at home as well. This is what kicking and punching  all about.



“Save the Dinosaurs!’


This pretend play activity captured every child’s attention and imagination. Toy dinosaurs freezed and trapped in the snow, all wanted to save and rescue the dinos. An exciting game full of learning skills and building the value of helpfulness made it more meaningful to them.


Shine up little Gems!

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