“First Day Mania”


Winter camp is over, little children are back to school! Here’s no escaping the fact that the first day of school can be crazy. New kids wander around in circles,  some are crying while some are running in all directions, excited to meet new friends. To combat this first-day turmoil, children explored the nursery gym and warmed up for the day’s busy activities.


Whitefield’s Nursery staff welcomed the children with warm love and care. Meeting new people or getting reacquainted with friends can feel overwhelming, especially if the child is the shy or reserved type. An activity of introducing one’s name through a flowerful friendship built every child’s confidence and develop camaraderie among them. Friendship is the theme for the week’s learning activities. Matching a heart to meet a new friend elevated the excitement of the children. They were offered the chance to be acquainted with other children.


Cheerful little children explored the nursery outdoor and savored the joy of playing in the play area. A play is a way children learn about themselves, the world around them and gained skills in different areas of learning.


Ready for a more intense learning adventure?!!

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