“Red, Red, is the Color I See”


It’s Red Color Day at WFN! This correlated to the week’s learning theme about friendship. Dressed up in red, the energetic little children were thrilled with the day’s activities. Each class started their morning with a circle time reviewing numbers and colors. When certain key concepts learned in a previous activity are reinforced through review, it helps remind the learners of what they learned and develops a concrete base for their learning. This important component of classroom teaching can be helpful in all developmental skills.


Singing, dancing, playing and exercising!


Prior to their general activity, the children were given a chance to express their feelings through dancing, singing and playing. Children love to explore and learn new skills every day and these activities facilitate the children’s progressive development in every aspect of their growing early years. To highlight the red color day, they pinned red apples on a big tree. A lesson about fruits, color, and the letter “a” was integrated into this activity. A pose with their friends in a photo booth was a priceless moment for them.


“My Heart Photo Frame”


Friendship is being celebrated through a craft they made. The creative little children expressed their skills in making a Heart photo frame.


Keep the candle burning Little Children!

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