“Hugs Create Smarter kids”

One of the most important stimulation required to grow a healthy brain and a strong body is hugging. Besides feeling warm and fuzzy, hugs can give a child a feeling of assurance thus helping a  child grow smarter, healthier, happier and more resilient.

Little Skittles at Whitefields Nursery started their day with hugging and showing caring affection to their friends while singing the song “The More We Get Together”. This was also demonstrated while they were working together on their day’s activities, the value of team work and sharing was instilled in the heart of every child.

“Learning Numbers 1-10”

In the area of numeracy, kids find it more fascinating to learn about numbers if playing a game is involved. Learning numbers 1-10 became meaningful as they were given the chance to play with pompoms and paper plates. Each child has 10 pompom balls and a paper plate. The teacher picked a number and required the children to put the correct number of pompom balls on their plate and the child who placed the correct number was rewarded. Playing games is something even a young child can enjoy. It might not seem like a learning activity, but there is a ton of learning that takes place.

“It All Adds Up”

Geared up with their sports uniforms, the children  used their full strength  and expressed their enthusiasms in performing karate. They had a great time as their body became more strong and active and this all add up to their development stage physically, mentally and emotionally.

Ready to bounce little Skittles!


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