what is in the sea?

kids were introduced to a pretend sea. some creatures were placed in the sea for them to identify and take out those creatures. it was fun as they enjoyed the color of the sea while playing with the creatures.


Exciting Islamic at Skittles!

Islamic class is always quiet, calm and kids get to learn good manners in with dealing with other people.

so today we learned from the Islamic Al – Samad and Surat Al – Fallaq, and also they learned what they have to say after getting their food;” Alhamdulillah”  they were so smart as they got it so fast reading after me, and even before me.

 Arabic class with Polly class

Today the learned a new word for “Octopus” Arabic they started by sticking the octopus in the form of a circle, then they had to roll up the legs of the octopus. It was so nice to them, they learned a new word in alaf letter.

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