Little ones need to be fit for the same reasons adults do – to improve their health and make sure that their bodies can do what they need them to do.
It was so fun for kids to exercise during the morning time.
It`s time for fishing!
Kids enjoyed trying to catch colorful fish today.
They used their tiny hands to do this super interesting task.
Absolutely, play is crucial for a child`s social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth.
Through this activity they exercised key skills and qualities such as independence, curiosity, creativity and problem solving.
Literacy hour!
Kids reviewed phonic “c” today. 
They choose their favorite color in order to make this letter very colorful.
Here kids had a chance to cognitively develop their fine motor skills while concentrating on a coloring.
Such a great time to interact with each other and good opportunity for little ones to express their thoughts.
They always look forward to enjoy every single day.

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