What number is the leg?
Oceanography can spark your child’s interest as they begin to get the adaptive features of ocean animals. They incorporated ocean animals with numbers. Kids were presented with a crab that has no legs. Numbers were written at the back of the crab where they had to paste the legs. Numbers were written on the legs accordingly. Kids pasted the legs to the corresponding numbers. It was fun and educative for them as they rush to be winners.
I am hungry!
Feed me! Feed me!
Kids used letters such as s,a,t,I,p,n,c  to feed the hungry Shark. The numbers were displayed in a square. Kids picked up letters as called out by the teacher, show the letter to their friends after which they gave it to the shark.
Kids ended their day with some group activities. They were asked to count bean balls out aloud to their partners. Developing team work!

Then from coloring to the Islamic class with skittles class.

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