Pollys were very busy today. Learning about transportation had never been any funnier to study about than that was today.

“c” for caterpillar craft!

Kids showed their expressive skills by making a happy caterpillar craft, sticking tiny eyes and mouth.

Their creativity was boosted to the maximum.

Children should be taught how to overcome and find solutions to problems.

In this light, we had a Matching shapes game today.

A lot of shapes were drawn on the paper so after the demonstration of the teacher, kids were given the opportunity to try it out.

They were very involved trying to find suitable shape witch will match with the transportation objects.

It was such a beautiful experience to watch them put in so much effort in order to have the same solutions as the teacher.

Reading hour was very interesting and informative as kids learned about theme transportation.

It was fun and educative for kids as they develop their language and communication skills.


It was a fun day today as the little Pollys visited the Gym and exercised their bodies.

They really enjoyed as it had their muscles stretched.

Well done Pollys!!!

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