Are you ready for another exciting day???

Warm up, it is time to be busy now!

Come on! Let’s start the day with exercise!

Kids numeracy skills are developing every day.

Today they were led to do some tracing and coloring.

They used their favorite color to make number “6” colorful.

Creativity at it’s best!

It`s a Yellow day today!

Little Polly were very busy.

Learning about yellow color was very much interesting. The kids looked at the big smiley face and they made their own.

Kids put their hands together and they made an amazing yellow smiley.

WOW…. They were so happy for showing the teacher their very own smiley.
This was a great sensory play as they also learned about colors.
This activity also enhanced social skills in kids as they communicated with one another.

Creativity was it its best when the little hands of Pollys made huge number 6.

They used their favorite colors to make it very colorful.

It looked great and the children were quite proud of their artworks.

An enthusiastic day today.

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