Here is another spectacular day with the lovely kids at white fields nursery.

It is time for the school bus!

Get ready!

All kids love a trip by the bus. they were so excited to get on the bus and have a ride.

They were later told to pick up their various pictures and stick to the windows of the bus. while doing this, they sang the song “the wheels of the bus go round and round” they were also asked to put the wheels of the car.

They were so happy ,excited and had so much fun.


Arabic class with Skittles was all about completing our new letter “albaa” .

Today they made something new, they made a “cow”, they put for the cow its head,  then mouth and lastly the ears.

Islamic with Polly class.

we started our class with a very nice “sora” from the Holy Quran Al – Samad and Surat Al – Fallaq, and we also learned the doaa which is what they have to say after finishing their food “Alhamdulillah”.

Today we were so happy because they demonstrated a mastery of the Al Samad and Surat Al fallaq, and we were full of excitement reciting it together.

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