Good Morning Pollys!!! Another awesome day is in front of us…

So let`s start!!!

“Find number 6” was our first game for today. During this game kids learned independent counting and recognition of numbers.

Letter “c” is for cat… Letter “c” is for car… and for cow… We learned about letter “c” today… And also we know that crab, castle, clown starts with “c”.

Little Pollys made an amazing ‘”car” craft today.

They were happy to master their letter of the week.

This was an activity to boost their communication and language skills.

The kids had a chance to play with a yellow bus today. It was so much fun so kids did not like this lesson to end.

Learning through play was great for children because they were able to develop a positive attitude towards learning.


hat a day full of fun for the little Polys.

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