Kids are creative in their small world they live in.

During their circle time they had a chance to dance, jump and wiggle.

This was an awesome way to kick off the day with smile.

During their Phonic class kids colored letter “c”.

They all started by choosing their favorite color.

Their fine motor, literacy, language and communication skills were enhanced.

This was great to practice pencil control on paper.

Colorful boats!

Identifying the colorful boats and placing it in the right position was a fun game for kids for reviewing the colors.

In order to this, colorful boats were given to the kids and they used their tiny hands to find the appropriate position.

Here they develop their team work as well as their PSED.

Karate day!

Such an exciting time for the little ones.

This was a great hour that is always such a hit with the little ones.

They focused and exercised their entire body.

This was good for their Physical, Social and Emotional development.


Well done Pollys!!!

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