Children’s understanding of basic concepts is important in early years.

They also help children become more effective communicators.


Today little Pollys learned about letter “k”.

Letter “k” craft was very educative for the little ones as they used their thinking skills in order to find all words that start with letter “k”.

During this activity their logical skills were boosted to the maximum.

This was a great way to encourage kids to express their thoughts and develop their language skills.

Great way to have kids enjoy their early years through learning and playing.


Gym class was so lively and most importantly, their little bodies were exercised to the fullest and it was great for their Physical development.


Kids were very happy to count the numbers on the floor while jumping. It was a good learning activity as kids learned during playing.

This was during our outdoor activity.

Such a great way to improve on our numeracy skills.


Arabic lesson was also very interesting today.


Well done Pollys!!!

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