Are you ready for another exciting day???

Warm up, it is time to be busy now!

Come on! Let’s start the day with exercise!

The little adventurists were on an amazing venture to learn more about green color.
They were so excited to play green bowling. It was so fun because on the target line they were able to win a sticker.

This was a good step for physical developing as well as to know about the world they live in.


I can run faster than you!!!

Kids enjoyed a racing games. They were put in pairs and had to race with a cars.

The first who match all cars is the winner.

Understanding of basic concepts is important in early years as it help kids to become effective communicators.


Little Pollys colored letter “k” for koala.

This helped them to learn and focus.

This was great to develop their fine motor skills and it was great as it showed how fast their tiny hands do work.


Also, it was very interesting to listen the story.
During reading time recognition of early thinking in kids was at work.


An enthusiastic day today.

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