Little Pollys did something great for their bodies today…

They had a dance class.

During this class. kids were physically very active, they enjoyed and their excitement had no limits.


The kids were eager to trace letter “k” in the green sand and that was great to develop their cognitive skills as well as fine motor skills.


They also showed their expressive skills by making Lego shapes during Crazy designer class.

It was fun and educative for kids as they developed their motor skills.


During our sensory play kids revised counting as they counted cars marked with numbers 1 – 6.

This gave them the opportunity to make choices and solve the mystery as they get to know and explore different numbers.

This activity was a creative one and it improved their sense of recognition of numbers for the kids.

Kid’s language development, cognitive growth, and fine motor skills were put to work during this sensory play and their numeracy skills were highly boosted.


During Writing class children colored number “6” and it was a good way to enhance their fine motor skills, cognitive skills and also to practice a pencil control.


Tomorrow holds more discoveries for them…

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